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Your best bet is to ask to be put on a paid upgrade list, they will contact you on night two of the cruise. Which port did you take this picture at? Level, you should be good for Free cruises. Points are based on average bet, session play or hands played and game type. However, certain onboard charges are non-redeemable.


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Matt Administrator Staff member. Receive Via Email View Offers. Yes, as long as you're in a full suite then check in at that line.

Use your players card whilst playing your favourite slot machines and table games. Use your players card whilst playing your favourite slot machines and table games to start accumulating points. For more details visit the Casino Player Club onboard. Once you're a recognized player in a cruise line's club, you will also get invitations to exclusive tournament cruises. Ask the casino manager how to join the players club.

  • No matter which ship they sail with, members will be recognized, and earn points and rewards as they play.
  • The select cruise packages are divided into four progressive tiers, each requiring a higher level of past play for booking.
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How much do you actually have to gamble to get a cruise? About Norwegian Cruise Line Norwegian Cruise Line is the innovator in cruise travel with a year history of breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising. Lots of people come to these boards and claim to win big, but don't believe them for a second.

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Go to the Suites check-in. Our rewards programme consists of five exciting status levels. Points can be redeemed for onboard spa treatments, dinners in our speciality restaurants, slot and table play or charges off your final bill.

Earn, Redeem and Enjoy Your Benefits. They say that they are just going on the cruise to relax, but I know that they won't be able to help themselves. However, select table games and slot machines will not offer points.

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The point-earning structure remains the same, only now members can play and earn points across all our brands. For those offers you have to be given an invitation to visit the casino to pick up your cruise certificate. How do the tier elevations work? Easily compare prices from multiple sites with one click.

Joining Casinos at Sea is easy. So in essence once we were in the Penthouse, even as the lowest level Casinos at Sea, and second lowest Latitudes we had full Top Tier benefits of the Latitudes program! How do I gain access to my Casinos At Sea account? This is because I was a Table Player, they have more of a fluffy rule for Table Players than Slot Players, miami gambling casinos and tend to give more when you are nice to the staff and are generous with your tips.

The more you play, the more you get rewarded. You can check in through the Casinos at Sea line in the terminal. You can download your points for play right at your slot machine. Tell the person checking people into the line that you're Haven check-in even if your suite isn't Haven. Your player number will automatically attach to your onboard account on any cruise you take.

How do you put yourself on the paid upgrade list? Just wondering which land based casinos offer free cruises? Book a cruise, come aboard and find the casino. Wondering if you have come across this.

We do our best to clearly label when these might appear. Carnival won't reveal the relationship between points and play, but casino executives tell us that points are based on play, not losses, and you generally earn points faster than on Norwegian. Some tournament cruises combine fun events with tournament play for invited guests. It depends greatly on cabin availability, often in the next few months.

Casinos At Sea Players Club

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You can earn comps but they are peanuts compared to what you will lose to the house. How can I join Casinos At Sea? Please thoroughly research everything you read here and seek professional representation before acting on any information you may have found in this blog.

Plus we're rolling out a mix of existing and new benefits, including an updated birthday benefit and complimentary shore excursion benefit. It might be something we see in the future with Airline programs. It is good for beverages and bottled water in the casino.

Points for table games are earned based on a combination of average bet, sessions or hands played and game type. Can points be transferred from ship to ship? Bonus and adjusted points are not considered in tier evaluation. Matt is passionate about making smart financial decisions to empower a fantastic life. Casino Hosts can provide you with instruction for cashless wagering and points to play.

It is toward the back of the terminal you need to pass the first check-in area, but stop before the second. Transferred points don't add to tier levels either. Now help us get to know you better to enhance your experience. The front desk had a separate upgrade line, and they were mobbed for hours.

Casinos At Sea Players Club

NCL Casinos at Sea Free Cruise Pricing and Search Tips

As my current offer is an inside stateroom I would seek to pay to upgrade. In this scenario, the casino host may pull you aside, congratulate you on your eligibility for a free cruise and discuss available options with you, or you may receive the offer by mail or email. Onboard rewards range from beverage and Wi-Fi packages to prepaid tips at the Ruby level highest of the program's five tiers.

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Cruise Casinos

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Remember, points accrue during a month time frame and do not carry over to the following accrual period. This can happen in multiple ways. While Cruise Critic wouldn't recommend gambling as a financial strategy, cruise casino fans should know how they can leverage their play into all sorts of free perks.

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Cruise lines that do not offer a clear path to earning free cruises may still award them for high levels of casino play on a case by case basis. Simply insert your card into a slot machine or ask the Casino Host to swipe your card. Rewards Programme Back to Overview.

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Casinos at Sea Win Big with Free Cruises and Perks From Cruise Ship Play

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  1. Since you are in California you should check with your local casinos and see if the offer this perk.
  2. We always look at both lines.
  3. Comped cruises might be for inside cabins with the option to pay a reduced rate to upgrade, or they might be for a higher-category cabin to start.
  4. Points can also be transferred from ship to ship.
  5. Players Club cruises include perks like free casino drinks, stateroom treats, priority check-in and luggage delivery, and welcome amenities.
  6. Here in nyc, neither casino does?

How can I download and play my points? Tier levels are re-evaluated on an annual basis. Alternately, you can call up the line and see if they will extend an invitation to you for these special events, based on your previous onboard play. Can we both play on same card to get better perks?