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Also when one of the characters discovers that there was no remodel done on the Tomahawk - he runs off, dropping his glass - and the sound is heard again. Having read Nick's letters and discovering he'd worked as a security guard at the Tomahawk Casino, he plans to use Rudy whom he thinks is Nick to help him rob the casino. When Gabriel starts to grill Rudy about the inner workings of the Tomahawk Casino, Rudy's web of lies gets deadly complicated. Until, however, her volatile, psychotic gangster brother Gabriel Gary Sinise shows up with a pack of thugs who have a notion to rob a casino that Nick used to work at, roulette anglaise casino using him as an inside man.

  1. With Millie firing at him, he rams the fiery car into her and dives out as the car and Millie go over the cliff.
  2. She delivers a deep, stunning performance that produces new wrinkles with each scene.
  3. Charlize Theron keeps improving as an actress, but it is her new brunette look and honey smile that one takes away from her performance.
  4. Rudy decided out of stupidity to pose as Nick and meeting Ashley.
  5. Unlikely or not, there's no denying that last twist is a lot of fun.
Tomahawk casino reindeer games

However, when you can forget that for a moment you'll have some good fun watching it. For example Rudy and his girlfriend are drowning under the ice so Rudy uses his gun to shoot his way out of a watery grave. It simply doesn't make sense if you really take the time to think it through. And he tries to tell Gabriel that. There is one minor detail, however, that may hinder their plan.

Even in the ending there was more irony and surprise than there was action. Charlize Theron doesn't really get a whole lot to work with. It's sad that John Frankenheimer, who directed the brilliant movie The Manchurian Candidate, ended his career with this trash.

Nick, who is still alive, tries to convince Rudy that they can share the money but Rudy locks him in the truck and also sends it over the cliff. When his best friend Nick James Frain got killed in prison was stabbed by one of the prisoners Dana Stubblefield. The disguise Gabriel picked out for Rudy isn't even the most ridiculous part of their plan.

Nick also informs Rudy that the prison stories were part of a set-up. Since his recently dead best friend was working as a security guard. Then Rudy says he is Nick. If this movie could talk, it would say that Budapest is in Turkey.

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Reindeer Games

  • Why, is never completely clear.
  • And it comes to an ending- with Nick still being alive and the brains behind the whole operation- which is completely unrealistic.
  • The likelihood of this situation panning itself out the way it did here isn't very high, but the film works because of John Frankenheimer's direction, the charismatic cast, and the dark humor.
  • They're like the three ill tempered elves to Gabriel's raving Santa, and steal the film.
  • He begins an affair with the girl, which seems to disturb him slightly.

Of course, Rudy, being Rudy and not Nick, doesn't know a thing about the casino Nick was a guard there years ago. The casino robbery itself should've been more action-packed, like it seemed on the commercial. Reindeer Games is about an ex-con who has taken over his cell mate's identity, so he can run of with the other guy's girlfriend when he gets out of jail.

Back Reindeer Games Goofs. Reindeer Games still features Frankenheimer doing a first-rate job. The other major plus is Frankenheimer's direction, which turns an adequate screenplay into a solid thriller. His Rudy Duncan is character you can root for the whole way through because Affleck molds him into a likable and energetically funny persona.

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There was quite a lot of buildup to the casino robbery, but when it finally got there, not much happened. Speaking of that twist, let me just say that you might or might not figure it out almost exactly a minute before it happens. There are so many logic problems with it that there is absolutely no point in going into detail.

At the end there is even Affleck moralizing in an attempt to make Theron the Evil Bitch feel guilty about everything! The group robs the casino, each dressed as Santa Claus. Poor performances to boot.

Tomahawk casino reindeer games

Not only does he get the girl, he also gets a lot of trouble, because some other criminals wanted to use his cell mate to rob a casino. Nick is killed defending Rudy during a prison riot. Credited more for her on- and off-screen glamour, Theron often is underrated as an actress.

It's a loud, dumb flick and it knows it, but it also knows how to have a good time in style. The film closes with Rudy smiling. The casino manager dies during the shootout.

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Films directed by John Frankenheimer. My only complaint was there were one too many plot twists in the end. The film was screened to test audiences who had a mixed response.

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It's a fine way to open the film, giving the feeling that something disastrous has just occured, and it piqued my interest. Ben Affleck plays Rudy, a con just trying to go straight are there other kinds in the movies? Come all ye faithful, I suppose.

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Upon his release, a long-time pen pal named Ashley Charlize Theron greets him and they immediately hit the sack. Gary Sinise chews the scenery big-time as the villain. Upon doing so, it sounds like a hammer cocking back on the pistol.

Reindeer games

Tomahawk casino reindeer gamesReindeer games

What he can fire a gun under water? Nick had spoken of his previous employment in security with an Indian casino and Rudy finds himself involved with Ashley's criminal gun runner brother Gabriel Gary Sinise. One night, Rudy breaks out of his hotel room and stumbles upon Gabriel and Ashley and learns that they are lovers and not siblings, but he is forced to return to his room when he is almost caught.

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Meanwhile, most of my esteemed raping and murdering colleagues were up for parole in three. Bottom line - it's not exactly filled with the kind of twists that'll keep you guessing, but it's not too bad. There is no way the security guard could have shot the gun with his gun not ready. There's lots of chases in the snow and the occasional passer by getting bumped off but there's some ridiculous plot holes. Theatrical release poster.