We're dating now ost

Cai Rong went to Shi De's house. Shi De brings a wedding dress to Yi Ru and they get married. Bae Hae-sun as Son Woo-joo Another senior prosecutor who was a single mother unbeknown to her co-workers. In Hong-joo's dream, Jae-chan conducts an autopsy and successfully prosecute Professor Moon, but the seven patients waiting for the transplant perish in return. The series opens with Hong-joo waking up from a dream where she hugs and expresses her gratitude to a wounded stranger in a crossroad under a snowy night.

This is the first Sanlih drama that has overseas filming. Yoo-beom rebukes Jae-chan, thinking it was a form of revenge, mature dating but Hong-joo hugs and expresses her gratitude to him just as what she had dreamed of. She was killed by Lawyer Lee Yoo-beom.

He gives her the most romantic and beautiful wedding reception by the beach. Screenplays by Park Hye-ryun. Lawyer Ko gives up the case and tells Yoo-beom to create his own statements for himself, knowing that they will be defeated in the next and last trial.

Shi Yun asked Shi De what happen at the hotel. With her daughter needing constant care at home, he abandoned his job and resorted to stealing mobile phones. Whereas Shi De is trying to work up the courage to tell Yi Ru to make their marriage real once they get back to Taiwan and finds only Samantha beaten up and Yi Ru checked out heading back to Taiwan. As Hong-joo attends a book launching ceremony, Jae-chan intends to interrogate Yoo Man-ho for what he had done to him. Shi De asked Yi Ru to lunch and to meet the noon deadline for the video production.

She killed her remaining eight targets in the same manner after the arrest of the doctor Myung Yi-suk, who was first assumed as the culprit of the crime. With the future once again changed, Jae-chan and Hong-joo spend an intimate moment at the beach. Shi De propose to her again and Yi Ru say she would think about it.

We're dating now ost
We're dating now ost

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We're dating now ost

Later, Jae-chan and Hong-joo, who were looking for the cellphone owner, gets trapped in a fire. Woo-tak learns from Jae-chan and Hong-joo about their future-seeing dreams although the trio are still curious why they were the ones chosen to have the dreams out of the many people around them. As Jae-chan and the policeman were about to completely drown, Hong-joo rids herself of all resentment and pulls them out of the water. She wakes up the next day where he plans to do more stuff, making a scrapbook of the stuff they have done.

  • Albee told the truth that night she was the one who brought them to the hotel.
  • Each episode has a minute running time.
  • He took a sleeping pill so that he can pretend that he had been drugged also by Joo-an.
  • Man-ho is also confined to the hospital due to his worsening pancreatic cancer.
We're dating now ost

Jae-chan supposes that they could have crossed their paths with him once though they could have not recognized him. She became close to Prosecutor Lee and ended up being married to him. He clarifies, instead, to Man-ho the truth about Yoo Soo-kyung's case. Being able to see a softer and gentler side of him she starts falling for him and accepts his love for her.

Now an old detective, Inspector Choi's skills as a former policeman are still in action, particularly when it comes to crime scenes. He revealed that she had helped him by giving him the pen during the exam. Lawyer Yoo-beom takes Jun-mo's case at once and falsifies evidences and testimonies so that the case will become unprosecutable.

Title We Are Dating Now (Korean Drama)

We're dating now ost

Shi Yun starting to fall for him by giving him a towel and for him to sit down. He began to secretly date fellow prosecutor Son Woo-joo. He also remembers that Hong-joo was covering a cat poisoning case and notes that he saw in the first dream a pouch with a straw, one of the evidences that proved Dae-hee's crime.

Jae-chan begins with the lawsuit against Professor Moon. Jeon Kuk-hwan as Yoo Man-ho Ep. He was also interviewed by Hong-joo who told him that she already knew that something went wrong with the case and that he could be the one to be blamed. On the other hand, dating accuracy So-yoon receives a call from her mother.

Not knowing her name or who she is the only memory he has of her is a fuzzy image in a picture he keeps on his desk at home and the pen he never got the chance to return to her. Qi Ming got fever staying up all night to finish a project competition. The pairing of George Hu and Annie Chen was a success. Meanwhile, police officer Han Woo-tak began having future-seeing dreams after Jae-chan had saved him from getting killed in the car accident on Valentine's Day. She did not even care if she will be punished, but with Yoo-beom prosecuting another person instead of her, she sensed a feeling of hope for the first time.

Before Joo-an can defend herself, he pushed her off the building just as Woo-tak reached the rooftop. Both dramas started filming at the same time. Jae-chan is rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment and he fortunately improves from his injury. They pack her off on a trip to sunny Boracay, Philippines telling her to take some time to relax.

Jae-chan gets furious upon hearing that Yoo-beom had played victim, but Inspector Choi arrives to comfort him and to advise him not to act rashly. Sensing that the dream is about to happen, overcome your fear he follows them to the Park residence. He saw himself and his fellow policeman Oh Kyung-han Lee Yoo-joon going to Hong-joo's samgyeopsal restaurant. Inspector Choi refuses the offer and chooses to stay.

He saves her life and they spend the day together after someone stole his luggage. Woo-tak is amazed that his dream is already happening exactly as it is, except that he was having a meal with Jae-chan, not Kyung-han. Qi Ming propose to Yi Ru in the office to go steady.

Seung-won becomes aware of her plans, though he insists to her that she must report it to the police. Meanwhile, Lawyer Yoo-beom receives a call from a new client, professor-novelist Moon Tae-min Ryu Tae-ho who has recently finished his launching party for his new book. He makes sure there is retribution to anyone who crosses him. Yi Ru accidentally says Shi De is cute for investigating what happened that night.

In Hong-joo's dream, she saw a man abusing his wife just before Seung-won interferes, pushes the man off the balcony, and blames Jae-chan for him becoming a murderer. In the dream, Hong-joo excuses herself to go home thinking that she had left the door at their house ajar. She also calls one of them the general manager.

  1. To prevent the tragedy from happening and also to express his gratitude for saving his life, Woo-tak invites Jae-chan instead to the restaurant.
  2. Jae-chan starts the investigation and gathers as many evidences as possible.
  3. Jae-chan, then, decides to reopen Jun-mo's case, despite getting scolded by his chief.
  4. This time, he sees Seung-won being carried away by the police and Hong-joo resenting him for unbelieving the precognitive power of their dreams.
  5. Being scared of heights, Shi De saved her by carrying her off the bridge.

While You Were Sleeping ( TV series)

Now that the case is being reinvestigated, she knew the Yoo-beom's fame as a lawyer may be ruined soon. Yu Xiang planning to revenge on Shi Yun delivered wedding present that she will be attending. Promotional poster for Love, elsa and spiderman dating Now.

We're dating now ost
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